Mini Guide on Low Breast Milk Supply

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Most common breastfeeding concerns that I repeatedly come across is:

1) Do I have enough milk?

2)How do I know my baby is getting enough milk?

3) My doctor has suggested top up and I can not express as much as my baby needs, so should I still give that?

4) How can I increase my supply to exclusively breastfeed?

5) Since I already give formula once/twice a day, is there a chance for me to get full supply?

6) What is the reason for me to have low supply and what exactly can I do to get better supply?

I have made a comprehensive MINI GUIDE FOR LOW BREAST MILK SUPPLY, which explains all of these questions and more....

  • pdf handouts

  • Size
    4.98 MB
  • Length
    12 pages
  • pdf handouts
  • Size4.98 MB
  • Length12 pages
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Mini Guide on Low Breast Milk Supply

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